Accessibility and Disability Rights

Editorial: The Walkable City and Pedestrian Dignity
Arthur Editor-In-Cheif, Bethan Bates, reflects upon the difficulties of getting around Peterborough if you live outside the city centre, depend upon public transit, or walk as a primary means of transportation and explores some solutions to remedy decades of car-centric urban planning.
Accessible or Ableist? How Students Really Feel About Student Accessibility Services (or Lack Thereof) During the Pandemic
Elizabeth Mitton follows up with Maxmillion Setka, the TCSA Commissioner for Students with Disabilities, and Stewart Engelberg, the Director of Trent's Student Wellness Centre, to find out how the University is responding to concerns shared by students with disabilities. How does online learning affect the quality of education for students, especially those with different needs? Is the University doing enough to accommodate these needs?
Letter to the Editor: Online learning is not for everyone
This letter to the editor features a Trent student struggling to be accommodated in online schooling this semester.
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Accessibility and Disability Rights