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Editorial: Modular Housing Development Marks New Chapter in Peterborough
On November 16th, the editors of Arthur attended a media tour of the modular home community on Wolfe Street. The changes to the site in the year since we have been visiting and bearing witness to the magnitude of the homelessness crisis facing our community are staggering and bring about a wide range of complex emotions and feelings about what is transpiring.
City Council Approves New Parking Regulations, Construction Project on Trent Symons Campus, Pledges to Fight the Housing Crisis
The General Committee meeting of Peterborough’s city council on October 30th focused largely on four key issues: the city’s efforts to recruit new physicians to service its growing population, an update to the city’s parking bylaws, a pledge to solve Peterborough’s housing crisis, and the examination of a proposal to build a new electricity storage facility on Trent’s Symons campus.
Peterborough Formally Supports B’nai Brith's Call to Action and Addresses The Great Pickleball Debate
Peterborough City Hall met on the evening of October 23rd with delegations speaking on the Parks and Outdoor Recreation Facilities Study, and whether or not Councillor Kieth Riel can do a kickflip. Plus, the City of Peterborough formally supported B'nai Brith's call on the Federal Government to release The Deschênes Commission Final Report in its entirety following the events that took place in the House of Commons.
Peterborough Politics Podcast
Episode 10! Our big topic this week was Peterborough City Council voted down the move to have city staff undergo life-saving Naloxone training. We also expressed general frustrations with the lack of vision and direction for the city.
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