Jeff Leal

Integrity Commissioner Could Weigh in on Mayor Jeff Leal's Threats
Arthur has learned that at least one complaint has been made to Peterborough’s Integrity Commissioner, Guy Giorno, concerning Mayor Jeff Leal following the City Council general committee meeting on April 2nd during which Leal made threatening remarks toward Town Ward Councillor Alex Bierk.
Mayor and Councillors Spar Over Bonnerworth Park Redevelopment During Rowdy General Committee Meeting
Tempers flared and threats flowed during discussion of a motion regarding the Bonnerworth Park redevelopment which includes the construction of 16 pickleball courts at the April 2nd General Committee Meeting of Peterborough City Council.
Food Not Bombs Continues to Operate in Protest of City By-Law
Two weeks after being told they would need a permit to continue handing out free food to the community, the Peterborough chapter of Food Not Bombs gathered again—as they have for over 18 years—at Confederation Park in defiance of the City’s threats to shut them down. This time, volunteers received warning that next week there would be no warning prior to police intervention.
Radio Free Arthur
After a week away, the editors return with the story of the century: Pickleball is back in the hearts and minds of Peterborans, and it's heating things up at City Hall!
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