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Faculty Focused On Student Success Despite Pandemic's Challenges
The Trent University Faculty Association (TUFA) find that online learning during the pandemic has brought about feelings of isolation for students and professors alike. Using data gathered by the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, TUFA discusses the immense challenges and successes of online learning as well as areas for improvement within the university and across the province broadly.
Confessions of Trent Teacher Candidates
Elizabeth Mitton sits down (virtually) with four of Trent’s teacher candidates to discuss their unique perspectives and experiences as both teacher and student during the COVID-19 pandemic. The teaching candidates talk about the successes and challenges that come with learning to become a teacher during one of the most difficult times to be a teacher.
The Bowlcut: Happy Holidays from a Safe Distance
A satirical address from the President of LeglessU! Arthur funny-man Drew Dafoe takes a poke at Public Relations, and those infamous Holiday Videos that are viewed exclusively by students desperate to procrastinate during exam season. Find out how Legless Pete plans to celebrate the holidays! Hint: it involves that dreaded Josh Groban album and being ignorant about any holiday that isn't Christmas.
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