A Neurodivergent Student’s Guide To Local Activities and Events
Emi Habel gives an exhaustive run-down on local events in and around campus for students looking for a quieter social experience.
Osmow’s Shawarma was “Shaw-eet!”
Self-proclaimed foodie Angela Slater-Meadows reviews Osmow's Shawarma, a Mediterranean fast casual chain. She rates the restaurant in three key areas: food quality, restaurant quality, and service quality with a maximum rating of 3/3.
Mayoral Debate on Homelessness Included Big Promises, Tough Questions, and Outrage
The October 5th Mayoral Debate on Homelessness held at All Saints Anglican Church attracted a significant crowd both in-person and online. David King attended to report on how these five candidates will approach the growing issue of homelessness and housing insecurity in our community.
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