The Theatre on King

The Burning Hell Returns to Peterborough's The Theatre On King
After five years and one cancelled tour, The Burning Hell came back to play two sets at The Theatre On King. Co-Editor Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay attended the show and caught up with Mathias Kom to talk a bit about what these shows meant and how it felt to be back where it all began.
Bubbe's Tapes at Precarious Festival
Katie Pedlar reports on this year’s Precarious Festival at The Theatre on King, a performing arts festival that fosters a space where art is safe from corporate models. Among the exciting new performances is Jon Hedderwick’s one-man show, Bubbe’s Tapes.
The Showstopper: How COVID-19 has Affected Local Performing Arts Organizations
One of the first to close, and presumably one of the last to reopen due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Peterborough-Nogojiwanong’s arts and culture scene has remained out of the spotlight for almost a year. In this article, Elizabeth Mitton goes behind the scenes of the Peterborough Arts Recovery Alliance, an ad-hoc group which represents 13 local performing arts organizations, to discuss the impacts the pandemic has had on the arts, and how they’re aiming to come back even stronger.
Peterborough Politics Podcast
This week we talked about Dave Smith being rude (sexist?) to Joy Lachica over a misunderstanding about how the Conservative Ontario government backed off a plan to defund the Ontario Arts Council by 15%. Thin skin much?
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