Trent University

The Anti-Racism Task Force: Performing or Performative?
Varun Biddanda takes a deep dive into the task force, and asks: is it performing, or is it performative? Biddanda interviews Moriah Hillyer, who represented the Trent University Native Association (TUNA) on the Anti-Racism Task Force.
What We Know About Vaccine Exemptions At Trent
October 23rd, the last day for students to submit their proof of COVID-19 vaccination to Trent in order to be eligible to attend classes, has now come and gone. While the vast majority of Trent students, staff, and faculty are fully vaccinated, there are many who have requested exemptions from the vaccine policy. Katie Pedlar explores Trent’s vaccine exemption criteria to outline how staff and students have secured exemptions from this public health measure.
Transit Town
Radiyah Kareem details the changes that have been made in the past year since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of Peterborough. She investigates how the changes affect various groups in the community; those who rely on transit for access work and necessities including Peterborough locals, students who live downtown and on campus.
What's the Point?
Have you ever procrastinated in Bata Library long enough to take in the paintings? fallen in love with Peterborough? taken a science credit with an arts credit and felt like your brain was bending? felt that you had learned just as much outside the classroom as inside if? If so, probably have Tom Symons to thank. Listen to our show.
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