Trent University

Transit Town
Radiyah Kareem details the changes that have been made in the past year since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of Peterborough. She investigates how the changes affect various groups in the community; those who rely on transit for access work and necessities including Peterborough locals, students who live downtown and on campus.
Laurentian's Tensions
Katie Pedlar dives into the dire financial situation at Laurentian University and questions if these circumstances could arise at Trent University. This article touches on administrative redundancies, international tuition and post secondary funding.
Interview with BIPOC Liason: Rhea Shahe
Aras Mommertz interviews the Trent Centre for Women and Trans People’s BIPOC Liaison, Rhea Shahe. Rhea explains the importance of her work providing an explicitly BIPOC-focused space in an organization that must contend with issues of representation. She shares the results of her research at the Centre and the projects she is currently focused on: BIPOC Archives Nogo and the BIPOC self-care zine in collaboration with the Trent Queer Collective.
What's the Point?
Have you ever procrastinated in Bata Library long enough to take in the paintings? fallen in love with Peterborough? taken a science credit with an arts credit and felt like your brain was bending? felt that you had learned just as much outside the classroom as inside if? If so, probably have Tom Symons to thank. Listen to our show.
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