Edit Like Hell: An Interview with PJ Thomas on Waves
Waves, the latest poetry collection by former Arthur editor PJ Thomas, is a study in mental health and poetry. Journalist Owen Harrison attends Thomas' book launch and interviews the poet herself.
Language as a Form of Love, Respect, and Reconciliation
Indigenous playwright, composer, pianist, and author Tomson Highway recently featured at Trent University's M.L. Morton Lecture series. Journalist Owen Harrison reflects on the event, Highway's discussion of language, and his new album Cree Country.
Review of Cliff Cardinal’s "As You Like It"
Aimee Anctil reviews Cliff Cardinal's radical retelling of As You Like It recently performed at the Showplace Performance Art Centre.
Peterborough Politics Podcast
Art is quite literally under attack in Peterborough as the community was not successful in appealing to City Council to reconsider funding The Theatre on King and the Artisans Centre.
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